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About us

The Company

The Company METROFUNK Gesellschaft für Funk- und Fernmeldeteile mbH was founded in November 1946. Produced were so called radio-lamps, i.e. table lamps, where a speaker was integrated in the lampshade and the lightbulb served as shunt. From 1951 onwards METROFUNK developed plug connectors with 4-30 contacts.

In 1956 customer feedback made us realize that the detection of the right strands by wire test or battery was a very time-consuming process (at that time all multi-core cables had only black or white strands then, colored strands were used in high-voltage cables only). This inspired METROFUNK to search for a solution.

In 1957 the production of wire with one and/or two colored core insulations was tested and the result presented in adverts in trade magazines. Shortly after the introduction almost all manufacturing industries in the Federal Republic of Germany had become customers of the by then renamed METROFUNKKABEL-UNION GmbH.

Today we stockpile more than 2.500 different wires, cables and stranded wires and sell worldwide. We purposely refrain from difficult formalisms. Clearly stated offers, fixed prices graduated only by volume and prompt delivery at best rates are as natural a part of our service as the consultation by phone or personal conversation with our customers.

If this made you curious, please take a look at our online catalog. Or order our catalog directly from our homepage.

If you have any additional question, that our catalog does not answer, or you need special wires that are not part of our regular standard program, please, do not hesitate to call us.

Cable production

copper drawing

copper drawingThe copper mill produces 8mm thick and about 3-5t heavy copper coils.

First the coils are drawn in three stages, raw drawing, medium and fine drawing through numerous drawing dies.

In doing the external diameter of decreases only by a minimum each time until the wire is stretched to a diameter of e.g. 0.05 mm.


Stranding All conductors are combined into one strand and optionally covered by a foil.

This foil protects the insulation from Damage,if the cable is fitted with an electromagnetic shielding.


Shielding To avert any interference by radiation from other energy carrieres the cables are shielded.

For this shielding thin copper wires are braided or swathed around the strand of conductors, which then is protected by a thin polyester foil.


Sheathing The finished strand - with or without shielding - is led through the extruder where under high temperature the outer sheath, e.g. a PVC-coating, is applied.

According to customer needs, it then can be marked by printing wheel, ink jet or laser printer.

Afterwards the sheathed but still very hot cable runs through a water quench of the cooling trace to cool down.

Final Inspection

Final Inspection In the test bay the finished cables are checked for compliance with the relevant standards.

After releasing they are transported to the spooling department.


Packaging After passing the quality test the cables are packaged in different lenghts either on coils or reels/drums.

Then the cables are stocked and ready for you.

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