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  • Due to the extremely increased prices for copper and silver, for example, we will be charging a surcharge of 20% from september 15, 2022.

General Terms of Delivery

As of 01/01/2018

for use in business dealings with entrepreneurs.

  1. Our lists contain only net prices. Possible discounts and rebates are already included in the tiered pricing according to order quantities.
  2. We do not charge copper surcharges.
  3. For orders below €100.00 (net), a small order processing fee in the amount of €25.00 plus VAT will be charged additionally. This does not apply to residual quantities for subsequent deliveries caused by us.
  4. Technical specifications, dimensions and weights are not binding; minor deviations are possible.
  5. Payment terms, domestic: Our invoices must be paid 30-day net (no later than 30 days after the invoice date).
  6. Payment terms, international: No discount for prepayment.
  7. Returns are only accepted after prior agreement.
  8. With subsidiary priority our delivery is subject to the enclosed general conditions for the supply of products and services of the electrical and electronics industry (“Allgemeine Lieferbedingungen für Erzeugnisse und Leistungen der Elektroindustrie” - edition June 2018 – of the association of the electrical engineering and electronic industry (“Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V. (ZVEI)”).
  9. Confidentiality clause: The contracting parties agree to treat all commercial and technical data and documents, made available in the course of the business relationship, as confidential. They further agree to only process or use the data of the other contracting party for the contractually agreed purposes, in particular to secure it against unauthorized access by third parties and only to pass them on to third parties with the consent of the contracting party. They agree to store all data received in a secure location to protect it against access by third parties.
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